Just wanna say “thanks!” for the Light & Darkness episode that you and Hannah did. We held a watch party during our Mid-week service for this episode, and had a group discussion afterwards, asking ourselves the question, “Describe a “dark time” in your life that in hindsight you realized it was God working to mature you or make you rely on him.”

The conversations we had were deep and meaningful and moving and thought-provoking and emotionally-
laden, and even though we went later than usual, everyone stuck around and felt it was well worth it! So thanks again for your hard work, energy, dedication, and the dark time or dark night of the soul that you yourself experienced, that led you to start this podcast. It has helped our church tremendously, and I’m sure will continue to help many other disciples realize that God does indeed do his best work in times of darkness.

So keep up the great work, and looking forward to the rest of the program!

Rory S – Episode 7: Light & Darkness

“Thank for you for opening up the conversation about light and darkness and challenging our perception. I am reminded of the quote, “In the darkest cave is sometimes the greatest treasure.” This content gives us a Biblical framework to navigate both our inner darkness and the current cultural darkness. Your work is very timely and necessary. Future content is much anticipated! Thanks!”

Michael S – Episode 7: Light & Darkness

“I love the fact that you brought up that part of the damage the great enlightenment had. Thanks so much for this journey God has called you on. You are reviving so many. Greeting from Canada.”

Rwemmy S – Episode 5: Creation & Beauty

“Loved “ultimately, everything we do has to radiate from loving God and loving other people”…and that this is the lens from which we should read the scriptures is profoundly impacting. Great podcast!!”

Helen L – Episode 3: Why Spirituality?

“Another great podcast folks! Well done! Absolutely love the 3 components of the Bible Story you discussed here and very much look forward to you guys delving into them deeper.”

Cory S – Episode 2: Why Story?