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Thread: Find Your Place in God’s Story


Thread is a podcast about finding our place in God’s story. We invite you to follow along with Dr. David Pocta and Hannah DeSouza as they guide us on a journey through the Bible, exploring how the biblical narrative can transform and inspire us to live a life of fullness in Christ.  We’re more than just a podcast. Check out the resources below that can help integrate Thread into your life and the life of your church.

Thread App

Thread is more than a podcast. ThreadPodcast.org and the Thread Podcast App are designed to provide immersive and integrated resources for churches and their members to experience new levels of depth and unity.

Immersive & Integrated

Each week’s podcast topic is integrated into the life of the church through lessons for leaders, sermon starters, family devotional ideas, liturgy, and more. We envision deep and holistic teaching that has the power to transform ministries through the work of the Spirit. We invite you to preach with the podcast and see this vision come to life in your church.

Thread Resources



Our vision is immersion and integration. Leadership lessons are developed for each series so leaders can learn about the topic for themselves and apply it to their unique ministry situations.

Liturgy + Calendar

Verses and topics are offered for welcome messages, corporate prayer, communion talks, and end of service encouragements. Communicate and execute a clear and powerful preaching plan with each series.


Sermon Starters provide ideas for engaging introductions, deep but applicable points, and powerful conclusions. Adapt, adopt, and collaborate with others as you prepare sermons that build off of each week’s Thread.

Kids Church

Thread’s resources for Children’s Ministry and Teen Ministries bring the topic of the week into your school age and teen classrooms in an age appropriate and relevant way. The goal is whole church integration.

Graphics & Media

Each series comes with a graphics and media Dropbox folder that will have a unique PowerPoint/Keynote presentation template, social media teaser trailer videos, and social media graphics.


Daily Thread

Monday-Saturday devotionals available to all subscribers in the most convenient format through the Thread App right on their phones. These are simple 10-15 minute reflections springing from each week’s topic. .

Family Thread

Family Devotionals take the integration of the Sermons and Kids Church lessons from Sunday mornings into the living rooms and dinner tables of your congregation. Available to all subscribers on the app.

Small Groups

Each week contains a scalable lesson for use in a congregational midweek service, small group meetings, men’s or women’s devotionals, discipleship groups, leadership meetings, or even outreach Bible discussion groups.

Conversation Starters

This unique feature provides engaging questions related to each week’s Thread that help parents talk with their children and teenagers about God and spiritual life effectively.


The Thread Podcast and its resources are provided for the edification of Christians worldwide by the Disciples Center for Education. We invite you to partner in our work by becoming a donor.