Starting Point Series

We invite you to preach our first sermon series, Starting Point, and see how immersive and integrated teaching can impact your ministry. This free trial gives you access to all of the Thread’s resources:

Thread App

  • Watch the podcast
  • Dive deep with daily devotionals in the Daily Thread
  • Bring Sunday home with family devotionals and conversation starters
  • Enhance discipleship with small group lessons
  • Integrated Bible and notes in app
  • All integrated with the topic of the week

Thread Podcast for Leaders

  • Lessons to integrate Thread’s teaching into the hearts of leaders
  • This isn’t just resource stealing
  • Sermon starters to help you develop fresh preaching on each topic
  • A light Kids Church curriculum to weave Thread to every soul in the church
  • Push notifications through the app to communicate or emphasize parts of Thread
  • Example: Let’s all read today’s Daily Thread

Starting point series

Foundational Sermons

Week 1: Our Image of God

Week 2: Why Story?

Week 3: Why Spirituality?

Week 4: The Story of Our Faith

In just four weeks of immersive teaching your church will be led to begin reshaping their view of God, work on expanding their personal testimonies, have deep conversations as families and married couples, and see the big picture of God’s work in our world.